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Select Wine by the Glass (6 oz pour)

Illahe Vineyards, Willamette Valley, Oregon, Sparkling Rose - $12

Gulp Hablo, Castilla, Spain, Verdejo - $12

Crazy Creatures, Austria, Gruner Veltliner- $12

Clovis, Cotes du Rhone, France, Grenache/Syrah - $12

Thierry Germain, Loire Valley, France,
Cabernet Franc - $16


Wine Bottle List

White Wine


Bodegas Enguera Cava, Valencia, Spain, Chardonnay/Macabeo (Sparkling) - $26
Crisp | Bright | Fruity | (119)
This super dry cava has a strong backbone of apple and pear, with hints of honeysuckle and almond. 

Malat, Brut Nature, Niederösterreich, Austria, Chardonnay/Pinot Noir (Sparkling) - $74
Elegant | Minerally | Tree Fruit | (148)

Traditional bottle fermented. Juicy, good complexity, ripe yellow apple fruit, lively acidity, delicate yeasty touch of brioche and mineral flavors on the finish.

Field Recordings, Dry Hop Pet-Nat, Paso Robles, California, Chardonnay/Mosaic Hops - $37
Tart | Citrus | Refreshing | (130)
What happens when you make a 100% Chardonnay pet-nat sparkling wine and dry hop it with Mosaic hops?  You get the baby of a natural wine and crisp beer. Citrusy and tart. The hops are on the nose and adds depth to the wine.

Ross & Bee Maloof, Chehalem-Mountians, Oregon, Riesling - $38
Round | Tart | Floral | (136)
Bracing acid and powerful aromatics deliver this stone-fruit juice to you with nice balance. Grapes are from the top of the mountain, and fermented in large neutral French oak. Honeysuckle on the nose; lychee and purple flowers on the palate.

Jo Landron, La Louvetrie, Loire Valley, France, Muscadet - $32
Briny | Crisp | Citrus | (103)
A lively wine, with maturity and minerality. Vineyard sits on an ocean canal, lending briny notes. Hints of citrus, almond and dried pear.

Robert Sinskey, Abraxas, Los Carneros, California, Vin de Terroir - $66
Tropical | Minerally | Floral | (142)

Using many of the varietals of Alsace, France - Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Gewürztraminer; this aromatic and expressive blend is bursting with juicy tropical fruit. Notes of honeysuckle and chamomile round out this unique Northern California wine. 

Erste & Neue, Alto Adige, Italy, Pinot Grigio - $38
Tree Fruit | Baking Spice | Grassy | (144)
This high mountain, northern Italian wine is a very full and complex one, with the perfect balance of acid. Notes of apple, lime, and nutmeg. Green with flavors of grass and hay. 

Chateau d'Epire, Loire Valley, France, Chenin Blanc - $40
Minerally | Crisp | Elegant | (106)
Top soil is a beautiful blue slatey schist. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. No malolactic fermentation takes place. Chalky mineral notes come from the soil. Loud floral notes and grapefruit.

Crazy Creatures, Kremstal, Austria, Gruner Veltliner - $36
Fresh | Savory | Round | (128)

This fun wine is meant to enjoy often, with food. Elements of green apple and an unmistakable white pepper spiciness. Fresh, crisp, and a beautiful display of Austria's most important grape. A great substitution to Sauvignon Blanc.

Le Sot de l'Ange "ALZ", Loire Valley, France, Vin de France Blanc - $46
Smooth | Tropical | Minerally | (145)
60% Chardonnay, 30% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Chenin Blanc. Cool winemaker out of Loire, sourced grapes from South France. Slight malolactic for a round, smooth texture. Gooseberry, lychee, lemon zest, and a hint of grass and limestone rounds out this blend. 

Libertine, Willamette Valley, Oregon, Barncat Vineyard Estât, Late Harvest Riesling - $56
Complex | Fragrant | Elegant | (131)
Full of botrytis and super high octane with a hint of sweetness that is cut with razor sharp acidity and slight effervescence. Wild yeast used, fermented in neutral oak. An absolute beast, a Halbtrocken, slightly sweet wine.


Skin Contact

Lisounette, Sebastien David, Loire Valley, France, Cinsault/Cabernet Franc (Rose) - $38
Savory | Light | Juicy | (140)
Savory, salty, bone-dry with watermelon and spicy cherry notes, this is a happy wine. Hangs out for five months in concrete tanks.

Christophe Lindenlaub, EleFanta, Alsace, France, Auxerrois (Orange) - $72
Aromatic | Juicy | Complex | (141)
Starts with a rush, like a sip of Fanta, and finishes dry and unique while maintaining its Old World character. The nose is aromatic, smelling of black tea, supplemented by juicy mandarin and apricot.

Sybille Kuntz, Mosel, Germany, Troken Riesling (Orange) - $56
Weird | Earthy | Very Dry | (109)
Aged on the skins for 4 weeks, and on the lees for 6 months, this wine has tons of depth both in color and flavor. Bruised apple, caramel, & orange blossom. Plus, created by a female wine maker!

Grawu, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, Pinot Grigio (Skin Contact) - $58
Citrus | Floral | Complex | (134)
These high mountain grapes saw five days of maceration, and then were aged in Acacia barrels. On the nose, notes of orange peel, thyme, and white pepper. The palate hits with notes of earl grey tea, heirloom tomatoes and a bit of chestnuts.


Red Wine


Broc Cellars, Got Grapes, Medocino, California, Field Blend - $38
Juicy | Funky | Crushable | (147)
Made from a blend of Carignan, Mission, Valdiguié, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Pfeffer, and Zinfandel. It’s a happy, light, crunchy cranberry juice box that feels so perfect for early fall!

Mortellito Calaniuru Rosso, Sicilia, Italy, Frappato/Nero d'Avola - $54
Refreshing | Pepper | Red Fruit | (146)
Strawberry hits right off the bat, fading into some star anise and pepper. Frappato on the skins for 4-7 days, and Nero d'Avola only for 1 day, leading to a refreshing and light wine. 

Johanneshof Reinisch, Thermenregion, Austria, Pinot Noir - $44
Light | Red Fruit | Herbal | (120)
Cherry notes are fresh on the nose. Light bodied and clean. Aged 10 months in large oak barrels. Leather fruit, black pepper, and a hint of herbal bay leaf.

Domaine Rougeot Pere & Fils, Volnay Santenots, Burgundy, France, Pinot Noir - $98
Elegant | Earthy | Stewed Fruit | (111)
Pierre-Henri has been producing impeccable minimal intervention wines. He upholds Burgundian tradition, while being inspired by the Loire Valley and Beaujolais. His wines are energetic, precise, and delicious. Grown on limestone, and schist, 90% whole cluster fermentation, and aged on oak for 18 months. Violet, gooseberry, cherry, cooked prune, hay and slight game undernotes. 

Hurluberlu Sebastien David, Loire Valley, France, Cabernet Franc - $45
Fresh | Juicy | Weird | (123)

This wine is as organic as you can get; wild yeast, no sulphur, no chemicals, no filteration. Resulting in a wacky and weird wine. We serve it chilled to bring out the crunchy and wild aromatics. Brimming with cherry, raspberry and cranberry.

Domaine Guillot Broux Macon Rouge, Beaujolais, France, Gamay - $38
Earthy | Mineral | Round | (112)
The wine sits 6 months in oak barrels, then 2 months in concrete vats, using indigenous yeasts. Part of the harvest is de-stemmed to bring a bit more finesse to the cuvee. Hints of camphor and dark fruits. Black cheery, spicy, minerality and peppery. 

Weninger, Dürrau, Burgenland, Austria,
Blaufränkisch - $64
Dark Fruit | Peppery | Elegant | (149)
Full bodied wine with aromas of dark fruits, like blackberry and prunes. Pepper rounds out the dark palate, oak adds great texture and there is solid tannic structure that almost feels velvety on the palate. Literally a perfect brisket wine!

Swick, Bring It, Washington & Oregon, American Red Blend - $46
Jammy | Full | Leather | (125)
This wine blends fruit from Washington and Oregon. 50% Pinot Noir, with the rest of the blend including Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec, Cinsault, etc. There's a little touch of barnyard on the nose, which gives way to tart blackcurrant, plum, and leather.

Matthieu Barret, Petit Ours, Cotes du Rhone, France, Syrah - $56

Bold | Savory | Jammy (139)
Big juicy bite. Blackberry and blueberry dominate, along with notes of cracked pepper, black olive and other savory elements. Juicy and clean, with well-integrated tannins. Fermented and matured in concrete tank for 9 months.

Cellier de la Baraterie, Savoie, France, Mondeuse - $48
Spicy | Grippy | Earthy | (135) 
This Mondeuse is fermented whole cluster with native yeast. Soil is limestone and clay, resulting in a wine that has soft expressing notes of spices. The Mondeuse grape is closely related to Syrah, giving it a stewed fruit taste. 


Thierry Germain, Roches Neuves, Loire Valley, France, Cabernet Franc - $62
Floral | Minerally | Elegant | (118)
This producer is the OG of natural wines. This Cabernet Franc emphasizes red fruit aromatics, racy acidity, with hints of smoke, chocolate, & minerality. There is a touch of green pepper found from the Loire Valley.

Land of Saints, Central Coast, California, Cabernet Sauvignon - $52
Bold | Dark Fruits | Spicy | (138)
Lighter than a typical Cabernet Sauvignon, but still packs a bold punch. Notes of dark fruits, such as blackberry and plum, with a hint of a herby bouquet. Chalky tannins finishes out this wine. 

Odette Estate, Adaptation, Napa Valley, California, Petite Sirah - $88
Baking Spices | Velvety | Cigar Box | (143)

This Napa wine is loaded with depth and a multitude of layers. Blackberry jam, plums, violets, and hints of brown sugar and nutmeg followed by raspberries, cloves and smoky oak on the palate.

Beers, Cider, Seltzer

Hopewell Wayup, Tropical Vision, Hard Seltzer, 12 oz, ABV 6.3% - $8

JK's Honeycrisp Haze Cider, 12 oz, ABV 5% - $9
Gluten-free, dry finish, unfiltered

Krombacher, German Pilsner, 500 ml, ABV 4.8% - $5

Is/Was Brewing, Flat & Point Collab, Smoked Celery Root and Caraway Saison, 500 ml, ABV 6.1% - $19


Dovetail Brewery, Vienna Lager, 16 oz, ABV 5.1% - $7


Hopewell Brewing, Endgrain, Marzen Lager, 16 oz., ABV - $8

Metropolitan Brewing, Arc Welder, Dunkel Rye Lager, 12 oz, ABV 5.2% - $7

Hopewell Brewing, Run It Back, Black IPA, 16 oz, ABV 7.1% - $9


Solemn Oath Brewery, Snaggle Tooth Bandana, IPA, 12 oz, ABV 6.5% - $7

Great Lakes Brewing, Edmund Fitzgerald, Porter, 12 oz, ABV 6% - $8


Is/Was Brewing Saison Pairing for Two, Three 500 ML Bottles - $45
The Finer Points of Bad Behavior, Peach Saison
Will/Be, Spelt and Triticale
Flat & Point Collab, Smoked Celery Root and Caraway Rye Saison


Cocktails & Spirits 

Negroni - $16
Gin, rosso vermouth, aperitivo, rosemary, lemon oil, balsam fir

Boulevardier - $16
Whiskey, rosso vermouth, aperitivo, rosemary, orange oil, balsam fir

St. George Bruto Americano  - $12/2 oz
Aperitif bitter liquor with variety of herbs and roots, including Seville orange, balsam fir and Cascara Sagrada

Distillerie Francoli Antico Amaro Noveis - $12/2 oz
An Alpine digestif liquor with notes of tarragon, mint, espresso, candied orange and hazelnut


Carciofo Don Ciccio & Figli Liqueur - $12/2 oz
Digestif liquor made from artichokes, cardoons, grapefruits and 18 selected roots and herbs

Spirit Free


Topo Chico - $3

Coke - $3
Diet Coke - $3

San Pellegrino Orange - $3
Fentimans Tonic - $3
Vernors Ginger Ale - $3

Krombacher Pilsner NA - $5

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher - $5

Kids Milk - $2

Orange Juice - $3

Tea & Coffee

Pure Leaf, Black Ice Tea, unsweetened - $4


Spirit Tea (served hot):

Herbal Tea, "Malabar" - $4

Black Tea "Black Gold" - $4

Green Tea "Morning Mist" - $4


Dark Matter Coffee:

Drip Morning Blend "Love Supreme"  - $3

Chocolate City Cold Brew Can - $4.25
Espresso "Unicorn Blood" - $3.5
Americano - $4.25
Whole Milk Latte - $5